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Kastle Systems— protecting your premier properties and the people in them

The new hybrid workplace is revealing office security risks that are of growing concern due to the nature of dynamically changing occupancy each day. Whether you store confidential client information ... Read more

Kastle Systems— Creating secure spaces and distinctive experiences

Every time we talk about security in the workplace nowadays, two primary forms of security arise quickly at the top of the discussion. One is data and network security. Do your IT personnel know enoug... Read more

Kastle Systems is a leading provider of property technology solutions, protecting commercial and multifamily real estate

The real estate sector is known for following the traditional ways of interacting with sellers, buyers, and lending institutions. However, with disruptive technologies changing the way businesses are ... Read more

Kastle Systems - A Complete Managed Security Solution

Security as a Service (SECaaS) has been gaining adoption in the recent past. It provides a cloud-delivered model for outsourcing services. Much like Software as a Service, SECaaS provides security ser... Read more

Kastle Systems Innovator in managed securityServices

Securing the spaces Americans enjoy daily is vitally important in order to maintain the orderly flow of urban life for business, government and living. Be it residential, enterprise, or business, a pu... Read more

Kastle Systems – The Trailblazer of Security

Providing physical security in the workplace is a basic need for any business, but it’s become more challenging with the risk of Covid-19. Security innovation leader, Kastle Systems, has leverag... Read more

We have valued innovation and invested in technology to expand the definition of security: Kastle Systems

Many businesses are unknowingly wide open to attack and should consider the benefits of Security as a Service (SECaaS). Investing in a firewall, anti-virus, physical office security, intruder alarm, a... Read more

Kastle Systems: The Managed Security Leader

Kastle Systems was founded in 1972 by Gene Samburg who envisioned a more effective, efficient and convenient approach to securing commercial spaces which he called “managed security”. This... Read more

Kastle Systems: Managing Security in the Age of IoT

24/7 Security. 24/7 Peace of Mind. How did Kastle systems originate? Like any great invention, Kastle Systems was born out of the necessity for a professional security outsourcing solution for commer... Read more

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