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Lanner Electronics USA Inc— navigating the world towards a SMART future

We live in an increasingly interconnected and perimeter-less world of cloud services combined with software-defined networks and 5G telecommunications. Add to that a multitude of low-cost always-on co... Read more

Lanner Americas — Building solutions for critical infrastructure with 5G and WiFi connectivity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Potent compute technologies proliferate the world today: from datacenters that power the cloud, to number-crunching office computers; from sleek laptops that rival the processing power of legacy super... Read more

Lanner USA is a leader in the development of customized network + compute hardware solutions for a wide variety of customer applications

Lanner Electronics USA Inc. (Lanner USA) is a subsidiary of Lanner Electronics, a company that was formed 30 years ago with the aim of offering innovative solutions in networking technology backed by ... Read more

Westgroup Financial Management Inc.: Financial Planners in South Surrey, BC

Wealth Management is the art of structuring your wealth while building it and preserving it, in order to transfer it to the next generation in a tax-optimized way. Wealth planning is a mix of tax plan... Read more

Projects are living, evolving constructs. Plan them with LiquidPlanner

At any given organization, there are multiple projects running at the same time. Skilled talented employees are put into multiple projects, which may result is confusions, clashes, and sometimes- poor... Read more

Better Ways to Plan and Execute Work: LiquidPlanner

 The globalized economy of today has witnessed the massive expansion of organizations all over the world. With this high number of expansions and work-execution at such a broad level, all these o... Read more

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