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An innovator bringing people and technology together to deliver tailored cloud solutions: OTAVA

In the past, business data was often kept on internal servers and networking devices. As "cloud storage" started to gain massive popularity, many businesses turned to off-site solutions. Businesses do... Read more

Providing industry-leading cloud services and IT solutions with a personalized touch—Otava

Every day, more advanced technologies emerge across the business landscape. They bring disruption and innovation that continues to power growth. Over the past few years, cloud service providers have h... Read more

Best of the rest of the cloud industry: Otava

As businesses evolve, cloud environments continue to get more complicated.  Many businesses now use at least two clouds, perhaps a combination of three to four, and some are even introducing edge... Read more

Otava: Delivering Exceptional Client Results

The IT requirements of the market have evolved with time. Today, cloud, colocation, data protection, disaster recovery, and security are of prime importance for enterprises. What was Online Tech first... Read more

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